Q: What can I use video testimonials for?
A: Pretty much anything. Exactly they can be used for anything.

Most of our clients purchase testimonials to increase the reputation of their website and the things they sell. Customers are more likely to purchase goods that have been personally endorsed by a past customer with a face. Video testimonials may give your business that extra push it needs to encourage customers to commit to a product.

Q: How much time will it take for my testimonial video to be delivered?
A:Once we’ve received your payment, it’ll take 7 days before we send you the video.

Q: What would be the video format?
A: The standard format should be .mov or .mp4, but it really depends on the actor and what software he or she uses. Most of these formats should be fine for Youtube. If you require a special format, please let us know in advance so we can make the appropriate arrangements for you.

Q: Can I choose a Male or Female for my testimonial ?
A: Yes. We have both Male and Female actors.

Q: What shall I include in the script ?
A: You can either completely script exactly what you want said or like most of our clients, they provide us with a bullet-point list of exactly what they want covered in their video, and then they allow our trained staff to cover those talking points in a smooth and realistic fashion.

Q: How do I order and what are the prices?
A: Please check our prices here.

Q: How Can I Reach You?
A: You can use the contact form, or send us a message in Live Chat at the bottom of the page.